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Our Story

Founded by experienced pharmacy professionals, PharmaComplete empowers businesses to differentiate and grow by offering a full range of services tailored to the needs of the pharmacy industry, with deep experience in community, long-term care, and medical-at-home pharmacies of all sizes.

Our team can help improve productivity, drive efficiencies, and implement innovative solutions. We engage with our partners in a meaningful way, producing results that will allow their business to excel in a challenging space. 

We support clients from start-ups to the largest pharmacies and organizations in the industry through a broad scope of services, deep knowledge base, and partnering with talented industry specialists. 

Our Team

Steven Cava

Vice President, Corporate Compliance General Counsel

Roupen Berberian

Vice President, Operations & Logistics

Leanne Haley-Brown, BS Pharm RPh

Vice President of Business Development and Clinical Services

Donnie Jordan, Pharm D

Vice President, Pharmacy Operations and Client Success

Kelly Knight

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Carly Cox

Chief of Staff, Director of Instructional Design/Technology

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