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5 Things to Consider Before Transitioning to Long-Term Care

Should your pharmacy make the transition to long-term care? What types of questions should you be asking yourself before moving forward?

The PharmaComplete team recently had the opportunity to speak with Greco De Valencia, Vice President, Pharmacy at Live Oak Bank about the things to consider before transitioning to long-term care. Take a few minutes to check out the on-demand webinar HERE!

Long-term care pharmacy opens the door for independent pharmacies to diversify and grow their businesses, increase their margins, and continue to make a positive impact on some of the most vulnerable members of their communities. No longer are the days when LTC refers just to skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

Take Steps to Learn More, Evaluate Your Business, and Create a Plan:

  • Take time to learn more about long-term care pharmacy

  • Ask yourself "am I already providing services that are eligible to receive long-term care pharmacy reimbursements?"

  • Consider offering solutions to patients that are struggling to manage their medication regimen

  • Map out a plan for engaging key stakeholders within the LTC space such as: wholesalers, LTC GPO/PSAOs, industry experts, and patients or local agencies/facilities

PharmaComplete empowers businesses to differentiate and grow by offering a full range of services tailored to the needs of the long-term care pharmacy industry.

Learn more about PharmaComplete:

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