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Diversify Your Revenue With Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Pharmacy can be a great way to diversify your business and create new streams of revenue.

But where do you start?

PharmaComplete had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Lisa Faast, VP Biz Dev, Marketing & New Services with Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) about why LTC pharmacy presents an opportunity for community pharmacies to diversify their business, and how to get started. Check out the on-demand webinar Diversify Your Revenue with Long Term Care!

There are multiple options for entering the space – (not all roads to LTC lead to a high dollar investment) . What's more is that you may already be servicing the eligible patients and providing the services which qualify for increased reimbursement.

Want to learn more?

Listen to the Webinar: Diversify Your Revenue With Long Term Care!

  • Who is the LTC patient?

  • What are the options for entering the LTC market?

  • What are the things to consider when evaluating LTC?

  • How will the profitability differ?


Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) was founded 21 years ago, with a goal of transforming the independent pharmacy industry through innovations, use of technology and helping owners achieve greater profitability. PDS' data-driven, proven strategies helped members earn over 100 million in extra profits in one year. PDS helps pharmacy owners win in an unfair game. PDS’ core belief is that the individual pharmacy owner, along with the collective power of a unified network of thousands — can improve the industry and create something better.

Learn more about PDS:

PharmaComplete empowers businesses to differentiate and grow by offering a full range of services tailored to the needs of the long-term care pharmacy industry.

Learn more about PharmaComplete:

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