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Pharmacy Employee Relief Fund - Take part. Every donation makes a difference.

We are thankful for the pharmacy community every day, but especially so during this trying time. In an effort to support the dedication of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and other pharmacy team members on the front lines, serving patients and their communities, PharmaComplete will be contributing to the Pharmacy Employee Relief Fund.

Launched by Parata Systems and Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, the Pharmacy Employee Relief Fund was created to support employees of retail, long-term care, hospital and direct-to-home pharmacies across the United States impacted by COVID-19. The fund will be operational starting on or before April 24, 2020, and will be managed by the Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF).

Please consider taking part in the effort to support the pharmacies and their teams that have been impacted due to illness, quarantine, business closure, or school closure as a result of COVID-19 and are facing financial hardship.

Paul Shelton, President of PharmaComplete, stated, "When Parata made us aware of this outreach movement, we immediately embraced this as a great opportunity for us to support the pharmacy community. We encourage our customers, industry partners, and broader network to contribute to this fund as they are able. Many in the pharmacy community are putting themselves and their families in harms way to make sure that their patients receive the care that they deserve. This is a way we can all say "Thank You" and make managing their challenges a little easier."

You can learn more about the Fund, contribute, or apply for assistance at:

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